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Five810 Southlands

Apartments in Aurora, CO


Five810 Southlands


5810 S Southlands Pkwy
Aurora CO 80016
United States



Welcome to FIVE810 Southlands, a modern apartment community located in the Southlands Neighborhood of Aurora, Colorado. Our community features two 4-story midrise buildings wrapping around a spacious courtyard with high-end amenities. Enclosed bright corridors with elevators lead to each upscale 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartment home. In addition, FIVE810 Southlands has seven townhome-style buildings featuring private walk-up entrances and private garages. What are you waiting for?! Experience Aurora's finest apartment homes at FIVE810 Southlands! Call us today to reserve your spot.

The community amenities include a heated pool, a fitness center, business center and resident clubhouse. There is also covered parking.


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